2. Have you passed the “Pathways to Success” training?

    A prerequisite for participation in the MAS Schedules Program is the successful completion of the "Pathway to Success" education seminar. Vendors may attend either a live presentation or complete the web based presentation posted on the Vendor Support Center (VSC) under the "Vendor Training" tab. Pathway to Success is designed to assist prospective GSA Schedule contractors in making informed business decisions as to whether obtaining a GSA Schedule contract is in their best interests. The presentation provides background information on the GSA Schedules Program and encompasses a variety of other topics, including:

  • What are GSA's expectations for a vendor to become a successful Schedule contractor;
  • How to compete and succeed as a GSA Schedule contractor in the government marketplace;
  • How to develop a GSA Schedule-specific business plan; and
  • How to submit a quality offer, the proposal submission process, and the GSA Schedule solicitation.