(Applies to all Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contracts)
What is eMod?

eMod is a web-based application that allows MAS contractors to electronically prepare and submit contract modifications to FAS.

When would you use eMod?

Currently, there are seven modification type requests:
  • Add SINs
  • Delete SINs
  • Add Products/Service
  • Delete Products/ Service
  • Price reductions
  • Economic price adjustments
  • Administrative Changes

How to access eMod?

eOffer homepage: http://eoffer.gsa.gov

Who initiates it?

The contractor initiates the modification process.

What is the Purpose?

To streamline and expedite the modification process and to create an electronic modification file
Mass Mod
What is a Mass Mod?

Mass Mods are initiated by the Government when uniform changes to large numbers of the FAScontracts are required. Examples include Solicitation refreshes and the addition of contract requirements. Other than contract-specific information, Mass Mods are identical for all recipients.

How does a contractor know a Mass Mod is available?

When a modification becomes available for contractor review, the Contractor point of contact is sent an email with a direct hyperlink to a portion of the FAS Vendor Support Center (VSC) website that contains the modification process. The email also contains a Personal Identification Number (PIN) associated with the contract number and specific modification for security and verification.

Additional Information

Anyone viewing the VSC website (http://vsc.gsa.gov) can review and choose from a list of modifications available. Detailed information educates the reader on the background, purpose and implications of the modification. At the conclusion, the contractor enters the PIN and other verification information as a means of accepting the modification. Upon execution, a confirmation email printable SF-30 is sent to the contractor, ACO and PCO.
Quick Mod Pilot Program
(Applies Only to Schedule 70)
What is a Quick Mod?

A streamlined method to add products to your contract that has been mutually agreed upon by the Contractor and Contracting Officer.A Contracting Officerís assessment determines contractor eligibility to participate in the Quick Mod program.

The Quick Mod program only applies to Special Item Number 132-8 (Purchase of Equipment). The awarded prices are in the form of discounts off of the MAS contractorís commercial catalog list price and/or mark-ups over the cost the contractor paid to acquire items.

How to submit a Quick Mod?

Once the Contractor and Contracting Officer have mutually agreed upon terms, then the contractor can easily revise their contract electronic file in GSA Advantage! by including the TR identifier in the mod field. You must provide your Contracting Officer with an electronic copy of your current commercial catalog on a monthly basis.

What is the Purpose?

To expedite and streamline the procurement process while optimizing market driven pricing in compliance with existing contract terms and conditions

For Questions Please contact your Contracting Officer.