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About eOffer

What is eOffer?

eOffer is a web-based application that allows companies to electronically prepare and submit a MAS contract proposal to FAS.

What is the purpose?

The purpose of eOffer is to create an interactive, secure electronic environment that simplifies the contracting process from submission of proposal to awards. Enables a seamless transmission of data from the vendor community to the FAS contracting offices.

How are documents signed?

Offerors will be able to sign electronically using digital certificates and create a legally binding electronic contract.

Learn about the eOffer process

The Offer process has five basic steps you must complete before you can submit your offer. First, you should gather your company information and create the required documents for the solicitation before you start completing information in eOffer. To do this you must download and read the solicitation that you want to make an offer against, and complete the required documents for the solicitation. Once this is completed you can enter the eOffer application, prepare the responses to the offer, and submit your proposal.

To enter the eOffer application, you must have a digital certificate to authenticate who you are, and that you have a working relationship with the company you are submitting the proposal against.

Step 1 Authentication

The vendor goes to the eOffer webpage. Once the vendor clicks the sign in button the application will check for the digital authentication certificate (digital certificate. After the digital certificate has been verified, the application will either grant you access because the certificate was found valid or show one of the messages below.

  • No Certificate You do not have a digital certificate and need to purchase one before you can use this site.
  • Invalid Certificate Your digital certificate has either expired or has been revoked.Please contact your certificate provider for more details.
  • Multiple Certificates You have more than one digital certificate on your computer.You should choose the one you want to use and hit continue.

If the vendor has multiple certificates on there computer, the application will pop up a window for the vendor to select the certificate they want to use and grant access if the certificate is valid.

Step 2 Completing the Offer

Vendor completes all sections within the eOffer process and adds supporting documents e.g. pricelist and D&B report.

Step 3 Submitting the Offer

Once the vendor is satisfied with the responses and supporting documents, they will click the submit proposal button.When the submit proposal button is clicked it creates a proposal document that shows your responses.This proposal document is electronically sent to the contracting office with all your attachments.

Step 4 Negotiation

Once the proposal has been assigned and reviewed by the GSA contracting official they will contact the vendor to begin negotiations.

Step 5 Award Contract

After the negotiation process is complete, the GSA contracting official will create the contract package (all the files that will make up the final contract).Creating the package generates an email to the vendor notifying them to go into eOffer and sign the contract package. Once the package is signed by the vendor, it generates an email notification for the GSA contracting officer to sign the documents.After the contracting officer signs the documents, a notification is emailed to both the vendor and the contracting officer.The vendor can go into eOffer and download the documents.