Pathway to Success Certificate


The Offeror has completed the "Pathway to Success" education seminar, by attending either a "live" presentation or completing the web based presentation posted on the Vendor Support Center(VSC) under the "Vendor Training" tab. Access to the VSC is available at Pathway to Success is designed to assist prospective MAS contract is right for them. The presentation provides background information on the MAS Program, as well as GSA's expectations for an Offeror to become a successful MAS contractor, and information regarding how to compete and succeed in the Federal marketplace. Other topics of discussion include how to develop an MAS-specific business plan, and how to submit a quality offer.


Submission with Offer: At the completion of the Pathway to Success education seminar, the Offeror will receive a certificate. Two copies of the certificate must be submitted with the offer. The Pathway to Success Certificate is valid for one year from completion of the education seminar; i.e., the Offeror must submit its offer within the one-year period during which the certificate is valid. If the offer is not submitted during this one-year period, the Offeror must complete a new Pathway to Success education seminar in order to be eligible to participate under the MAS Express Program. The employee who completed Pathway to Success must still be employed by the Offeror at the time of offer submission.