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eOffer/eMod is a tool to submit Contract Offers and Contract Modification requests to GSA Federal Acquisition Service online.

Before You Begin - eMod Checklist

  1. Do you already have a Digital Certificate?
  2. Is your DUNS Number and Contract number available?
  3. Are you an Authorized Negotiator on the Contract?
  4. Schedule Specific Mod Requirements

1. Do you already have a Digital Certificate?

You must have your Digital Certificate to access the eMod application. If you do not have a digital certificate, follow the steps below. If you have a digital certificate you may access the application.

Apply for a Digital Certificate

You may contact one of our Industry Partners to renew or get additional digital certificates. The cert must be a ACES Level 3 certificate "Business Identity Certificate" to ensure that we know who the Government is doing business with and to create a legally binding contracting. Industry Partners who currently provide Level 3 Digital Authentication Certificates for the GSA vendor community are:

How to get a Digital Cert if you are a foreign company

If you are a Foreign Company trying to do business with the General Services Administration using eOffer/eMod and need a digital certificate, follow the instructions below:

Complete the application on the Opens in a new window (non-Government) site for a "Aces Business Representative Certificate". Complete the Aces Business Representative application. The form does not currently accept foreign addresses, so in the field for the address put Virginia, 22030, United States. In the text box below put the actual foreign address. Submit the form and print the documents to be notarized. Then have the form notarized through one of the following methods:

  • Go to a US Embassy and have the documents notarized.
  • If they are in the US, they can go to any notary or they can to go the ORC office and have the documents reviewed.

If they have questions and need to speak to someone at ORC, they can use the number below or email them.

The ORC ACES Customer Service Team
(888) 816-5503

They need to tell the person they are speaking with that they need a ACES Business Representative Certificate and that they are a foreign company.

2. Is your DUNS Number and Contract number available?

You must have your DUNS Number and know your Contract number when you access the system.

3. Are you an Authorized Negotiator on the Contract?

You must be listed in the Contract as an Authorized Negotiator.

If you are not listed, you may contact your Contracting officer or someone from your company that already has access to eMod and have them add you to the negotiators list.

4. Schedule Specific Mod Requirements

In eMod, you will find required attachments for each modification. However, these are GSA generic requirements and each schedule may have additional required attachments for each mod type. Please check the latest GSA modification guidance package for the specific schedule you are doing modification against to ensure you have all the required attachments for the modification you are completing.